San Marino - 2 Euro 2014 - Giacomo Puccini

2 Euro Sondermünze in Blister /// 2 euro commemorative coin from San Marino 2014. Motiv: 90th Anniversary of the death of Giacomo Puccini /// Pièce de 2 euro commémorative de la Saint-Marin en 2014 -Giacomo Puccini.

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Photo copyrights by "2 euro coin" - Switzerland


Im Jahr 2014, prägte San Marino seine zweite 2 Euro Sondermünze.


2 Euro Gedenkmünzen sind bimetall Münzen.


Nominalwert:   2,00 Euro  

Prägequalität: BU

Auflage:            100.000

Verpackung:    Original Blister


 Nennwert  2 Euro
 Legierung  Ring: Kupfer 75 / Nikel 25
   Kern: Nicel, Kupfer 75 / Zink 20/ Nickel 05 plattiert
 Gewicht  8,50 g
 Durchmesser  25,75 mm

Gestaltung: Uliana Pernazza














"90th Anniversary of the death of Giacomo Puccini"



"Manon Lescaut (Turin, Teatro Regio, February 1893), La Bohème (Turin, Teatro Regio, February 1896),
Tosca (Rome, Teatro Costanzi, January 1900) and Madama Butterfly (Brescia, Teatro Grande, Maggio 1904),
La fanciulla del West. With these works Giacomo Puccini became the so called “Master”.
His pieces have been performed in Europe and America.
His last work ,Turandot, was completed by Franco Alfano in 1926, and obtained the same international success
of the all his other works.
Puccini was able to interpret the nineteenth century heritage, giving to his works personality and character.
With impetus and eclecticism he tackled with all kinds of music, from dramatic to mystic and even comical genre.
Anyway his distinctive features are better expressed in his lyric works where idyll, nostalgia and death are the central point.
He always excited the public’s admiration but had not the support of the critics which treated him with hostility and started
to reassess the Master only later on.
After 90 years from his death his works are successfully performed in the most prestigious theaters of the world.
In the coin is represented the face of the Master Giacomo Puccini, around the writing G. Puccini, the issue year and SAN MARINO."


The outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European Union.


2 Euro commemorative coins are bimetallic coins.


Issue date:    29th Sept. 2014
Value:              2,00 Euro

Mintage:         100.000

Mint quality:  BU



 Nom. value   2 Euro
 Weight  8,50 g
 Diameter  25,75 mm   



Designed by:  Uliana Pernazza



Ausgabedatum: 29. September 2014
Gesamtauflage: 100.000
Prägequalität: k.A.
Stempelglanz: k.A.
HGH: k.A.
BU: 100.000
Polierte Platte: k.A.


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